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No more time at your screen. Let your robots perform with your trading ideas. Remove any flaws of a trading idea before you run it live.


No more time spent on monitoring the market.


Execute multiple indicators at a very fast speed.


Accuracy is a key to better results.

Starting with Trading SM is easier than anything!

Trading with algorithms has the advantage of scanning and executing on multiple indicators at a speed that no human could do. Since trades can be analyzed and executed faster, more opportunities are available at better prices.

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Here, we learn how fast is to create trading robots with Trading SM. We see the typical structure of a trading strategy.

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Adding Custom Indicators

Sometimes we want to use indicators that are not available in a default Metatrader installation. Metatrader refers to those indicators as custom indicators.

Money Management

For those that want to control the exact amount risked in each trade, there are two questions in the Misc panel that are of great help: Trading Volume and Stop Loss Distance.

Martin-gale Strategies

The Martingale Size question of the Misc panel calculates the trading volume relying on the martin-gale mechanics. It is helpful when you want to increase the trading volume after a losing trade. The idea is to increase the trading volume in a new trading action.

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