EA Optimization

Trading SM is an Expert Advisors consulting firm experienced in applying optimization to trading strategies. We mainly apply artificial intelligence techniques.

We offer an optimization service for Expert Advisors. You only pay if after one week, we find a good optimization for your Expert Advisor. A good optimization means your Expert Advisor turns into a profitable one.

You had a trading idea that apparently was enough to make it automatic through an Expert Advisor. Later, you test the Expert Advisor in the Strategy Tester and the results aren’t good enough. Finally, you decide to try with the Optimization tool available in MetaTrader with not luck. Now, you are asking why. Here is where Trading SM comes into play.

You may send us your Expert Advisor and we will use our in depth analysis services to turn your bad Strategy Tester results into good ones.

How this process works?

1.- You fill the form below.

2.- We contact you by email asking for your Expert Advisor (.mq4 or .ex4 file).

3.- Over a period of one week, we perform an in depth research over your Expert Advisor.

4.- When this period ends, we contact and inform you about our results.

5.- If we succeed in the search of improving your Strategy Tester results and if you accept the improved results, we will give you a quote for the service that will depend on the results.