General Settings

In the upper right hand corner of Trading SM, there is a General Settings button.


Right-click the General Settings button and a new dialog shows up. In the Mode tab, we can define the operation mode of the Expert Advisor. This is very helpful for Expert Advisor sellers that want to send testing or demo versions to their customers.

First, we can determine the account type in which the Expert Advisor will run: demo and real. Metatrader accounts can be demo or real. Check the corresponding boxes to enable/disable the Expert Advisor by account type.

Second, we can determine the Working Mode. In this section we limit the Expert Advisor usage to the Strategy Tester or to Live mode. By checking both boxes, it will run in both modes.


Account Protected

Metatrader users have an account number. You can see your account number in the upper left hand corner of Metatrader.

In the Account Protected tab you can limit the account numbers in which the Expert Advisor will run. Just click the Add button and introduce the account number.



Every time you attach an Expert Advisor to a chart in Metatrader a window shows up. In the About tab appears a link. Typically links to the owner’s website.

You can set the link text and URL in the Properties tab in the General Settings of Trading SM.