Martingale Size

The Martingale Size answers the trading volume relying on the martin-gale mechanics. 


Type (required) 

There are two options: multiplication or addition. This way we determine how the trading volume is increased.

Value (required) 

The number by which the volume of the last closed trade will be multiplied or added. 

Symbol (optional) 

Here, we specify the symbol in which the last closed trade will be searched. So, if the last closed trade in this symbol is a losing one, the new trading volume will be calculated based on the two previous settings. 

If you leave this setting empty, the chart symbol in which the Expert Advisor runs will be used. 

Magic Number (optional) 

In case we also want to filter by magic number, we provide the number here. This way the last closed trade of the symbol previously specified that also has this magic number will be used to calculate the trading volume. 

Leave it empty and it will use the last trade no matter what magic number has. 

Comment (optional)

Same logic as Magic Number. When we want to filter by comment. 

Limit (optional)

In case you want to limit the number of times the trading volume is increased.  

If you leave this field empty, trading volume will increase infinitely while losing trades occur consecutively. 

Default Size (required) 

You need to provide the default trading volume we get from this question when the last trade is a winning one or the limit has been passed. 

You shouldn’t leave this setting empty. Otherwise, no trading volume will be provided to the trading action and thus the trading action will fail.