Quick Start

Let’s see a simple example. We create a Moving Average Crossovers robot in this Quick Start tutorial.

If you haven’t already, install Trading SM as explained in the Install article.

In Trading SM, we can build robots with a pre-created template. The template contains many features already added to the robot. In this tutorial, we create a trading robot using this template. If you want to learn how to create a trading robot from scratch, then you should read the Getting Started tutorial.

Open Trading SM and go to File -> New with template.

Now, we add the conditions to open buy and sell positions.

After that, we assign those conditions to the corresponding Long and Short rules. Rules are group of conditions. This rules are associated with trading actions, like buy and sell.

Finally, we save the trading robot.

The trading robot is ready, but first we have to compile the trading robot as explained in the following article: Generate Expert Advisor.